25 Truly SHOCKING Origins of Common Phrases

25 Truly SHOCKING Origins of Common Phrases

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Date: July 26, 2018

You won’t believe these truly SHOCKING origins of common phrases! From common idioms to strange English words, this list will brings you through the origins of idioms and common phrases. If you’ve ever used one of these common phrases then you have to check out where they came from! Get ready to be surprised by the origins of these common phrases!

If you’ve ever wondered why kick the bucket is a bad thing or how the cat got your tongue, this is the list for you! Think you know the reason these common phrases stuck around in the English language? Well we sure do. Between the crazy mental images these phrases conjure up to the perfect way they sum up what we feel, these funny common phrases are a must have in your vocabulary. Get ready to put on your etymology hat with these word origins! Make sure to check out each and every one of these common phrases and let us know in the comments what idiom you think we missed!

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From breaking the ice to being caught red handed, this list of funny phrases has a ton of great ideas to spice up your next discussion. Wonder why you shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater or why on Earth people go “cold turkey”? Maybe you’ve never understood why people always want to “shake a stick at” things or what’s so special about a spring chicken. Curious about the rule of thumb, run amok, being saved by the bell or showing your true colors? Make sure you watch this video to learn the history behind your favorite phrases. Watch all the way to the end to see what crazy idioms made our top 10!

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