Chale Chalo- Making Of Lagaan CD1-Part4

Chale Chalo- Making Of Lagaan CD1-Part4

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Duration: 9:55

Date: September 25, 2008

This is not a Making of any simple movie but one of the indian's gratest movie ever, The only indian movie BBC called it one of the 50 movies to see before you die.....

This is the inspiring story of the creators of Lagaan .. it is an awesome video .. worth a watch ..

An Idea That Nearly Died.

A Script No One Had The Guts To Touch.

A Shoot That Was All But Abandoned.

A Spirit That Refused To Accept Defeat.

"A Great Watch On Its Own Merit , Even For Someone Who Actually Hasn't Seen LAGAAN .. ! " - Mayank Shekhar , Mid - Day .

This Video is India's First Theatrically Released Documentary !

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CD 1 - 1hr 7 mins
CD 2 - 1hr 7 mins