Kaksha Dasvi || कक्षा दसवीं || Hindi Medium || Nazarbattu

Kaksha Dasvi || कक्षा दसवीं || Hindi Medium || Nazarbattu

Uploader: Nazar Battu Productions

Duration: 20:00

Date: June 10, 2019

This funny video is about Leelu who got to know that his property is supposed to be taken by the government if he does not complete his 10th class. So, Leelu, Pandat and Bhaktawar makes their mind to join the school. Now, let's see how Leelu will sustain in the school.

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Directed by - Sagar Mangal

Project Head - Harsh Gautam, Ameen Khan

Edited by – Sarfaraz

Assistant Director – Muzzamil hayat

Written by – Dinesh Singh

DOP – Nitin Goyal Cam

Art Director – Muzammil Hayaat

Production Manager – Himanshu Sharma

Production Assistant – Sunny Sharma (pandat)

Thumbnail Design -Muzammil Hayaat

Spot - Vinod

make-up - Yash


Pawan Yadav

Dinesh Singh

Sunny Sharma

Avinash Kumar Verma

Mohini Varshney

Mahesh Gahlot

Lalit Goswami


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